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All of Your Questions Answered

Q1: How much does it cost to open a Golden Corral franchise?
A1: It costs between $2,700,795 and $7,037,915 depending on restaurant size and market. This includes land, building and construction costs.

Q2: What experience and skills do I need to be a Golden Corral franchisee?
A2: Our franchise partners are well versed when it comes to business operations and are well capitalized. We require that our franchisees or an operating partner have restaurant experience.

Q3: What markets are available for franchise opportunities?
A3: We are growing throughout the United States, and are developing a variety of formats: Ground up free-standing, in-line and conversions. (can you have a link back to the map?)

Q4: What do you look for regarding real estate? 
A4: For real estate, we like locations that have a traffic count of 30,000 cars daily, that is easily accessible with good visibility. We typically locate in areas developed with retail and other businesses that bring in traffic throughout the day. For mid to large size markets, we look for real estate that has 110,000 people within 15 minutes and 160,000 people within 20 minutes. For smaller markets, we’d recommend real estate that could serve 45,000 people within 15 minutes and 70,000 people within 20 minutes.

Q5: What support and training will I receive?
A5: At Golden Corral we prioritize our franchisees’ success, and that starts with their initial launch. In addition to initial development support, you’ll receive ongoing training and support with operations, marketing and IT.

Q6: How much will I pay in franchise fees and royalties?
A6: The initial franchise fee is $50,000. The current royalty fee is4 6% of gross sales.

Q7: Does Golden Corral offer single or multi-unit investment opportunities?
A7: We offer both. The majority of our partners initially sign a single unit agreement while existing and larger franchise partners sign on for multiple units. There is always an option to sign on for additional units.

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